Hi I’m Gareth. Elite Hatton Boxing for Fitness trainer and founder of The Garage.

For the past 15 years I have trained in several of the leading boxing gyms in both the UK and the US with boxers of all levels. From beginners to professionals and former World champions. Many people have been bored listening to my tales of pad sessions with Roger and Jeff Mayweather at the Mayweather Gym in Las Vegas.

3 years ago I got injured training at a high end Boxing fitness gym in Central London. The reason? The guy taking me on the pads had not been shown correctly how to hold them. He certainly looked the part as he whacked my hands from all different angles. Just a shame that it resulted in me having to undergo a shoulder op and months of recovery. I then started looking closely at how boxing fitness sessions were being run.

Too many times I saw drills being performed with very little correct technique which resulted in an ineffective workout and pad sessions that were risking injury to both the person throwing punches and the pad holder themselves. I also attended too many sessions where the group size was huge so no one ever received any great deal of attention to improve their technique and fitness levels

My passion for boxing drove me to create a place where people could come and train and learn the correct techniques for both punching and holding pads. A place where I could offer one 2 one training and semi personal small group training. A place where people could come and train in a friendly environment with no egos, no intimidating machines and have fun whilst doing so. I specialise in boxing for fitness. This means that everything is non-contact, no sparring, no getting hit. I focus on technique, fitness and making sure you enjoy your training and get the results you want. There is no better feeling than releasing the frustrations of work / life / home by giving something a whack.

The benefits of our training are:

  • A far more effective workout. Boxing with correct technique is recognised as one of the quickest and most effective ways to get in shape.
  • Proper self-defence techniques taught.
  • Pad holding skills learned that enable you also workout in your own time with friends and family.
  • Personal and semi-personal group training allows me to focus on each person to get the best out of them.
  • No one is a number at the Garage. You are with us week in week out and will be fully supported on your journey to achieve your goals.

Sounds great Gareth. Where do I sign up?
Just email us via contact@boxingfitnessmk.com or call us on 07766 834 815