Do you want to start a new sport with your kid(s) that you can all enjoy? Do you have a child that wants to get into training but doesn’t want to train on their own? Do you want to play an active role in your child’s health journey?

At The Garage, we offer a family fight camp, which gives you the opportunity to either train alongside your kids or your entire family. Our family camp allows you to train, whilst having fun with your children and is a great place to meet and train alongside other families whilst everyone benefits from a full body workout.

Whilst bonding with your brood, you will get into great shape and become more physically confident. What a great role model of health and vitality for your children. Not only will you and your child also have a great time, your young ones will develop a fundamental set of skills that will help them develop into adulthood. We wish you were our parents!

To enquire about Family Fight Camp please email us via or call Gareth on 07766 834 815