1. Personal Training / Boxing Training

★★★ Try your first session for free ★★★

1:1 Training

Bespoke Workout plan tailored to meet your goals. Centred around the training you want to do:

Biometric impedence testing and analysis:
Body fat
Skeletal muscle
Visceral fat
BMR Calculation

Access to the Garage App to help you workout in your own time also

Championship package: 4 x sessions: £160.00 plus 1 x HIIT session FREE (£32.00 per Personal Training session)

Undisputed package: 8 x sessions £320.00 plus 3 x HIIT sessions FREE (£29.00 per Personal Training session)

For more info or to book your package
email us via contact@boxingfitnessmk.com
or call 07766834815

2. Online Personal Training Package

  • The affordable way of having your own Personal Trainer 24/7
  • It's not how many times you train. It's how you train. This package is perfect for anyone who has decided it’s time to make that change or who has been going to the gym for Months and not seeing the results they want
  • Our video tutorials will guide you through each exercise and we will plan everything out for you including rest days and guidance with nutrition. We do all the planning. You just do the exercise. This is how Hollywood stars live you know
  • Like having your own Personal Trainer for every workout
  • Bespoke workout plan created specifically for you to achieve your goals
  • Your bespoke plan will utilise whatever equipment (if any) you have access to at home or at the gym
  • Nutrition guidance and calorie/Macronutrient tracking
  • Access to your Personal Trainer via our app day and night
  • Access to many, many, many supplementary workouts
  • Progress charts, workout diaries, schedules and records of reps/sets/weights and times etc
  • 1 x Group Boxing fitness class Included Free per Month
  • Special introductory price: £49.00 per month
  • Minimum 3 Month commitment

For more info or to book your package
email us via contact@boxingfitnessmk.com
or call 07766834815

3. Body Transformations

  • Always wanted to get in the best shape of your life? We will help you look and feel your very best. Lose body fat, build lean muscle (Tone up), finally get the body you want and feel amazing!
  • We do all the planning, you just show up ready to commit
  • 12 week package. 36 Personal training sessions
  • Bespoke training plan created for you
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Fitness and health MOT inc
  • Biometric body fat, muscle mass and visceral fat testing and analysis
  • BMI and BMR calculation
  • Postural analysis
  • Fitness and strength tests
  • Access to Garage app
  • FREE access to 4 x classes per Month
  • 12 week package. 36 x Personal training sessions. 16 x classes
  • £360.00 Per Month (£20.00 per session)
  • Follow this programme and get results

For more info or to book your package
email us via contact@boxingfitnessmk.com
or call 07766834815

4. Online Boxing Fitness class

★★★ Try your first class for free ★★★

All Levels welcome
Lose weight
Reduce body fat
Build lean muscle
Have fun
All from your own home

£3.00 per class
£2.50 per class when purchasing a block of 8 (£20.00)
£2.08 per class when purchasing a block of 12 (£25.00)
First Class is FREE!!!

Saturdays 10:00am - 10:45am
Mondays 7.00pm - 7.45pm
Wednesdays 7:00pm - 7:45pm

Stay at home and train like a Champion

To book your place email us via contact@boxingfitnessmk.com
or call 07766834815

You can also find us on Facebook

Who we are

The Garage is the antidote to intimidating gyms and un-inspiring workouts.

We are at the forefront of how health and fitness is changing. Our approach to exercise is designed around building everyday strength from functional human body movements. Combined with our expertise in Boxing fitness this is the place to come to get leaner, fitter and stronger. Look good, feel amazing and kick (Punch) ass.

What we do

We specialise in personal and online personal training to make sure that everybody who attends gets our full time, attention and expertise. You are not lost in a generic class here.

Get fit. Have fun. Bash something.


What we offer

At The Garage you will get a World class bespoke training plan created for you. Whatever your fitness level and experience.

We specialise in Boxing, Personal training and Body transformations. Here you will Improve your strength, lose body fat and tone up.

Learn REAL Boxing technique for REAL Fitness.

We will provide you with:
- A far more effective full body workout
- Skills that will build your self confidence
- Sessions to make you leaner, faster, fitter and stronger
- A great time. (You like sweating lots don’t you?)

All our Boxing sessions are non-contact so you will train like a boxer but still keep those beautiful looks.


What You’ll Do

Get Fit.
Burn up to 800+ Calories

Change your body:
Following your own bespoke workout programme
Learn REAL boxing technique
in a relaxed and fun environment.

Learn Self defence.
Block, slip, duck, weave, left, right. Boom! Woah! Easy Champ.

Build self confidence.
You’ll look better, you’ll feel better, you’ll know you can kick ass

Have Fun.


How you will do it

Pushing, pulling, lifting, moving and carrying and punching

1-on-1 mitt work with a Ricky Hatton Elite Boxing fitness coach

Bag work

Functional fitness exercises

Beat the clock games

Partner work

Slam a ball, hit something, bounce around a lot


What we’ll do

Provide you with a relaxed, friendly place to workout with no egos, no contracts and a positive environment* to help you achieve your goals. We are not a pro or Amateur boxing gym. Come here to get fit. Not fight.

*We may sometimes shout encouraging things to you and say how amazing you are. Hope you can take a compliment.


Where we will do all this



We also Have Netflix, Amazon prime, YouTube Spotify, Sky Sports but you will be too busy being fierce to care.