Did you know that almost 90% of people will quit the gym within 3 months of joining?

We all start with the best of intentions and often choose a gym / way to get fit that is counter productive to what we actually need. Here are some myths busted...

Here’s what we all think leads to achieving our fitness goals:

  • "Oooh I’ve now got a tracker device I will wear this and meet my fitness goals" - FALSE
  • "I love those fancy cardiovascular machines the gym has, some of them even track your workouts. Those will make me stick with it" - FALSE
  • "I love swimming. I’ll join a gym with a pool and go all the time. That will get me fitter. No doubt!" - FALSE
  • "I hate watching the clock while I do my cardio exercise. However, the gym has these screens, where I can watch movies or TV while I exercise. That sounds great. I’ll get fit to Great British Bake off and / or Game of Thrones. This will mean I’m far more likely to go to the gym and meet my goals!" - FALSE

What you ACTUALLY need to succeed: SOCIAL CONNECTIONS

That’s it. You just need one thing and it is social connections.

At the end of the day, humans need human interaction to stick with goals and succeed. If you try to use various “tools” to succeed, you are wasting your time by relying on them. They can compliment the process, but that is all.

Data shows that gyms who can get a new member to either work with a personal trainer or take group exercise classes, will be 3 times more likely to be a still exercising regularly one year later. It was that personal attention and human interaction that would keep them coming back.

Conversely, if a person joined the gym and claimed to enjoy walking on the treadmill daily by him/herself, data shows that this person was doomed to failure in about 95% of the cases.

All these smart pieces of fancy equipment, amenities like heated pools and saunas, fitness wearable devices and awesome website or apps that will track your workouts and nutrition are ok things to use but they are only tools. Often expensive tools.

These tools are not capable of actually caring about you.

At The Garage, all our sessions are one 2 one or very small groups. You will always get that special attention, focus and encouragement that we all need to succeed. During our fight camps, you will become part of an amazing team that will support and keep each other going throughout 10 weeks of fun, sweat and tears.(Happy ones).

Yes we don’t have fancy changing rooms with shower gels, Baylis and Harding handwash and that person who insists on talking to you whilst you (and they) are towelling off stark naked. That’s not what you are paying for.

What we do have is a place for you to get an excellent full body workout and get fit in a supportive environment with the best and most effective equipment to do so. You get the expertise and undivided attention from a Ricky Hatton Elite certified boxing fitness coach. Great music, Great workouts. Great results. Perfect for all levels of fitness and experience.

The smallest step in the right direction can turn out to be the biggest step in your life.

"Before I started training with Gareth I was almost 130kgs. Within 6 months I had lost 30kgs and by the end of the year I was down to 80kgs. All his sessions were intense and fun which is what kept me going. I have since moved to the US but have continued my boxing training. As Well as being on my way to achieving my target weight. I look and feel so much better."
Craig, Chicago IL
"We are both fairly fit but wanted to exercise more together. We knew that boxing was great for fitness so contacted Gareth. His sessions are so much fun. The time flies by (despite some insane punching drills) and we both always leave slightly exhausted but pumped and ready for the day ahead."
Dan and Mary, London UK
"I’d become bored with going to the gym so wanted to try something different. Gareth’s boxing sessions were fantastic. I’m so much fitter than I was. Can’t wait to do more in 2019."
Dave, London UK
"Best workout ever. I have only attended a few sessions but I am hooked. So much fun working out with my partner and releasing the stresses of the day. Can’t wait to do more."
Alana, Watford UK
"I had slowly been putting on weight due to working long hours and not eating the right things. Working out at the Garage has been a revelation for me. I’ve had to take it slow due to carrying some previous injuries but I love every session and love nothing more than hitting that heavy bag."
Martyn, London UK